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Welcome to LIC Jeevan Arogya



LIC Jeevan Arogya Plan:

LIC is concerned about your health and that is why has launched an excellent Health Insurance Plan with Flexible Benefits for people to choose from. This plan has been designed with the high medical inflation in mind.

LIC Jeevan Arogya Plan

This is basically a Health Insurance Plan which covers hospitalization expenses and can be used over and above a regular health insurance plan from any General Insurance company. So, in this plan, one can opt for coverage from Rs 1000 to Rs 4000 daily hospitalization benefit. In fact, in this plan you can cover yourself, your spouse, your children, your parents as well as your in laws. Hence it is a comprehensive health insurance policy for the entire family.

The plan pays Rs 1000 to Rs 4000 as chosen at the policy inception for Daily Hospitalization beyond 24 hours and also pays upto 1000 times the Hospitalization Benefit for Major Surgeries as listed. Day Care Procedures are also covered in this plan but paid only as a lump sum amount for the mentioned procedures of Day Care which does not require 24 hours of hospitalization. There is also other Surgical Benefits for which a smaller amount is paid, other than the Major Surgical Benefits mentioned earlier. This plan has a specific amount for Ambulance and also provides for Premium Waiver Benefit.

LIC Jeevan Arogya Plan2

There is also No Claim Benefit which is available on renewal in case of no claim in the previous year as an increase in Daily Hospitalization Benefit and not a premium discount.

TThis plan being a Reimbursement Plan cannot be used for Cashless Hospitalization but can be used to club it with your already existing health insurance plan, if any. Thus, it provides for Daily Hospitalization Benefit of Rs 1000, Rs 2000, Rs 3000 or Rs 4000 per day as chosen for a minimum hospitalization of 2 days upto 720 days in the entire policy tenure.


LIC Jeevan Arogya Plan3

This being a comprehensive Health Insurance Policy for the entire family along with rider benefit is actually a dream come true for all who wish to purchase a health insurance policy for themselves and their family. This plan has low premium and high coverage with a range of benefits and considerations available to the policyholder and his family.

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845 Responses to LIC Jeevan Arogya

  1. V.Sailaja says:

    My father(LIC agent) recently died with heart attack..Can I get all the
    policy numbers under him…

  2. Mukesh says:

    my policy no is 116323905 & branch coad no is 11s

  3. Prashanth says:

    Hello i was to Avail LIC.plz mail me details regarding Money Back Plans

  4. Dr. M C Nahar says:

    Premium notice of Policy Nos. 330703966; 330704071 (Jeevan Surbhi) not
    received till today. Kindly send them to make timely payment.
    Dr. M C Nahar Father of GARIMA AND GAURAV NAHAR

  5. Pramod Janardan Chandorkar says:

    Like to Surrender the Policy No.830224737 which is under SSS
    Procedure and surrender value

  6. Veeresh says:

    I will Want 2 details of My policy And policy no663597120

  7. Sanju says:

    I want to know about LIC Health protection plus policy

    • Insurance Advisor says:

      Health protection plus policy

      A Person aged between 18 and 55 can take the policy covering himself/herself. The spouse and/or dependent children (Min. 3 months) may also be covered under the policy.

      • Hospital Cash Benefit
      • Magor Surgical Benefit
      • Domiciliary Treatment Benefit
      • Income tax Benefit under Section 80D

      Minimum premium is Rs. 5000/- p.a. for single life, Rs. 7500/- p.a. for two lives and Rs.10,000/- p.a. for more than 2 lives. No Limit for Maximum premium. Increase or decrease in premium is Allowed. Assignment & Loan is not allowed.

      For Details please visit


    I need to know the amount that would be returned if I am going to
    foreclose my LIC policy,Jeevan Anand. The policy Numbers are
    714464960 – 714464985

  9. We had 4 policies from LIC in 2003.We made payments and continue it till 2004 but unfortunately the agent not came to us to receive the payment so we discontinued the payments since 2004.Can we reopen the policy???.Please suggest sir.

  10. vanaja says:

    i need partime job if any job i can get kindly advise.

  11. Himanshu says:

    please give me my policy information 194328413

    • Insurance Advisor says:

      Policy Number : 194328413
      Name : Sh.Kishori Lal Sharma
      Plan Number : 159
      Revival Date : 13/01/2011
      Premiums not paid since : 28/11/2009
      No of Installment Due : 3
      Installment Premium : 7,286.00
      Total Premium Amount : 21,858.00
      Rate of interest : 8.0%
      Late fee : 1,189.00
      Total Revival Amount : 23,047.00

  12. i want to policy in my daughter her age is below 1 year pse tell my policy terms

  13. Jyothibhat says:

    sir i am 30 years old please tel me the ans.
    i want Rs.1000000 sumassured & how much i hav pay to premium in 5 years tearms

  14. Jyothibhat says:

    ple tel me the good policy sir

  15. Pramod Kashiram Mandavkar says:

    My Policy No. 891772457

    Please give me status. This is surrender but amount not deposited to my account.

  16. policy no. 353908734

    what groth my policy

  17. neha says:

    very informative site..thanx…keep up d gud work!

  18. roopa nisal says:

    i want to take a policy in the name my child, in this regards can give me the no. of your representative.

  19. sanjay n gohil says:


  20. tanzeem says:

    this is my policy number 883468057, i want to knw all the details, hw much i have to pay, how much i will get at the last, any earlier

  21. biswajit mondal says:

    this is my 423125192.i want known my premium please kindly accepted my request.

    • admin says:

      Policy Number : 423125192
      Name : Biswajit Mondal
      Plan Number : 14
      Revival Date : 22/01/2011
      Premiums not paid since : 28/07/2009
      No of Installment Due : 6
      Installment Premium : 383.00
      Total Premium Amount : 2,298.00
      Rate of interest : 8.0%
      Late fee : 165.00
      Total Revival Amount : 2,463.00

  22. vishal deshmukh says:

    pls give me detil of my surrender policy no is 9008852101

  23. Rajesh kumar says:


  24. Veenu Sharma says:

    Pl glet me know what is the surrender value for my LIC Moneyback Plan 93 Policy No: 173410881; Start date – 15 Jan 2003. All premieums paid until 15 Jan 2010 and also let me know of the eligibility for Loan on the policy.

  25. Nisha V.B. says:

    Hi. I am interested to know about good LIC policies

    for my daughter to help in education/marriage etc.

    • Dear Madam,

      Thank you for your enquiry on We would suggest u to take any of the following Insurance policy for your daughter :-

      1.Jeevan Chhaya
      2.The Marriage Endowment/ Educational annuity plan

      Best regards,

  26. Thangaraj says:

    i want to check my lic policy status upto which are due to pay. policy no : 764625153

  27. lalit kumar says:

    Hi I want purchase a lic.
    i m 23 year old and i have no any insurence.
    i have field job.
    i want high sum assoured.
    please help me to choose policy for me
    reply asap.

    • Dear Sir,

      Thank you for your enquiry on We would suggest u to
      take any of the following Insurance policy for you :-

      1.Jeevan Anand
      2.Endowment plan

      Our experts will be always available for any assistance. Please let us
      know your complete address details in order to assist u in the above

      Best regards,

  28. vinod mishra says:


    • LIC considers the delay of 1 month 14 days as one month. 1 month 15 days to 2 months 14 days as 2 months and like that. A delay of just 15 days will also be considered as a delay of one month. And the fine will be charged at the rate of 8%.

      For example a person has to pay a premium of Rs. 2000/- but he makes a delay of more than 2 months 14 days in paying the premium then the delay will be considered as a 3 months delay. The late fee rate for Rs. 1% premium for 3 months at the rate of 8% is 0.01999 Therefore the late fee he has to pay is 2000 x 0.01999 = Rs. 39.98/-. The total amount he has to pay is 2039.98.

  29. santhoh says:

    i need to know my policy status wat can i do for tat

  30. M.kaleeswaran says:

    Please let me know the status of LIC Policy Marriage/Educational Policy 753020433

  31. Anil Naik says:

    My father taken varishta pension bima yojana from lic. the policy number is 880956253. This policy have surender value of 2 lacc and thats why recently i have applied for a loan of 1.8 lac on this policy. I need this money on urgent bases to purchase a flat and i am not getting any assistance from my local branch and i also tried lic customer care still unable to get the reuired information.

    I have completed all ur reuirement.
    reuest u to kindly sanctoion my loan asap as matter of urgency.


  32. LIC of India Insurance Consultant says:

    New Bima Account I & II Launched by LIC
    Plan No. 805 & 806 with LIC gauranteed return,
    tax benefit,
    maturity tax free,
    10 times risk over,
    loan after 1 yr,
    term 5-15 yrs,
    prem start from 600 pm

  33. Golak Bihari Sahoo says:

    Dear Sir
    Greetings of the Day

    I am Golak Bihari Sahoo residing in Bhubaneswar and a customer of LIC from past 11 years.
    As per your requisition here i am giving all my policy No’s to verify all the details.

    Policy No Policy
    584071112 Golak Sahoo
    584071798 GB Sahoo
    584614126 GB Sahoo
    584608230 P Sahoo

  34. Sunita sahoo says:

    Hello I am sunita sahoo
    policy no 586461803

    I am trying to register my policy with LIC website for first time ,But
    the messege telling your policy is already got registered with us.

    Kindly tell the concern e-mail ID got registered . But I am trying to register it very first time .

  35. Hallo, I am Ramesh Mallick my policy no 571825179 market plus-1
    571825178 Bima Gold
    570226905 Jivan Suravi
    572350736 Jivan Saral
    Please, give my policy status.



  37. kajal datta says:

    how i check my latest policy status?

    • kajal datta says:

      please, give me the latest policy status. Policy No. 425652187 and 420501978.

      • Policy Number : 425652187
        Name : Mina Dutta
        Plan Number : 14
        Revival Date : 07/02/2011
        Premiums not paid since : 19/12/2009
        No of Installment Due : 2
        Installment Premium : 3,234.00
        Total Premium Amount : 6,468.00
        Rate of interest : 8.0%
        Late fee : 354.00
        Total Revival Amount : 6,822.00

        Policy Number : 420501978
        Name : Mina Biswas
        Plan Number : 75
        Revival Date : 07/02/2011
        Premiums not paid since : 28/05/2009
        No of Installment Due : 7
        Installment Premium : 251.00
        Total Premium Amount : 1,757.00
        Rate of interest : 8.0%
        Late fee : 133.00
        Total Revival Amount : 1,890.00

  38. Suneeta Singh says:

    how i check my policy status?

  39. anjish khurana says:

    any lic policy with rs.10000/- single premium.. and get rs.20000/- after 10 years? if yes… then provide details

  40. Raman says:

    I want to take loan against my policy, so let me knw what is the procedure? let me know all formalites, whom should i contact?

  41. Bishambhar says:

    I am aged about 23 Yrs, I wanted to take a policy best suitable for me, Please sujjest one for me.

  42. Mohd Akmal Ashraf says:

    Dear Sir,
    Plz give detail of policies with policy no. 216069830, 216050444, 216319118, 213085240 which are related to me & my mother. Plz also provide me current fund value if possible.

    • Dear sir,

      Sorry for the delay. Please limit your enquiry to one policy only.

      current status of your policies is as follows:-
      216069830 – foreclosed
      216050444 – market plus – single premium
      nav as on 12.2.11 – 014.5496

      216319118 – future plus – single premium
      nav as on 12.2.11 – 023.1298

      213085240 – bima nivesh – single premium

      please contact your nearest LIC branch for more details.


  43. Ashish Kumar says:

    i want know how to add critical illness ridr on existing poliy of lic money plus .after 3 yrs of policy . is there any procedure

  44. Pooja Tripathi says:

    Need a LIC policy

  45. Mohd Akmal Ashraf says:

    I think u only answer those who want to take your policy thats mean this enquiry portal is only for maximise your profit and not for solving problems of pre-existing customers. I had left my need 3 days ago bt you are in sleep still.

  46. CHANDER says:

    sir, policy no is 114744503, i have registered it but forgot id n password both. what will be the solution to get it. kindly tell me the status n about my survival benefit when will it comes.plsssssss.

    • Policy Number : 114744503
      Name : Chander
      Plan Number : 93
      Revival Date : 13/02/2011
      Premiums not paid since : 27/10/2009
      No of Installment Due : 3
      Installment Premium : 2,691.00
      Total Premium Amount : 8,073.00
      Rate of interest : 8.0%
      Late fee : 551.00
      Total Revival Amount : 8,624.00

      Paid Up Value 22,785.00
      Accrued Bonus 13,860.00
      Surrender Value 8,395.00
      Loan Amount 7,000.00

      please contact or nearest LIC branch for more details.



      • CHANDER says:

        sir first of all thanx for the information , but i would like to know the meaning of paid up value, accrued bonus, surrender value and loan as per details provided by you.


    policy no 653881546

    whether 4 year money back policy paid, if so cheque no and date

  48. my policy number 241159419. if i want my polocy value.

  49. Satyaveer Yadav says:

    1. i need a policy of single premium which will cover risk as well as money back. please suggest for a good policy

    2. one good policy for woman (house wife) for saving purpose

  50. Rajendra pratap singh says:

    Dear sir

    i want to know my last policy